As a homeowner with unsafe floors, you should be concerned. There is no worse feeling than knowing your family is unsafe. Far too often, we concern ourselves with the look of our homes but what about floor safety? In this article, you are about to find out the best way to get rid of unsafe floors around your home.

Keeping your family out of harm’s way is extremely important. You may not realize that your unsafe floors hold hidden dangers. Most homeowners will choose aesthetically pleasing flooring without realizing that it could be a potential slip-and-fall hazard. Some floor surfaces are naturally unsafe and slippery before exposure to water or oil. These are normally the unsafe floors that people choose to have in the most dangerous home areas like the bathroom and kitchen. You must fix unsafe floors within your home to give you peace of mind and avoid another trip to the family GP.

Which products are best for unsafe floors?

We always recommend that you make an educated decision when deciding on the correct anti-slip product for your floor. When fixing unsafe floors, the first step is to evaluate what type of floor it is

  • To fix unsafe tiled floors, a suitable solution is an anti-slip treatment
  • For stairs and ramps, anti-slip tape is the easiest way to increase floor safety
  • When it comes to bathtubs & shower safety, there’s no better product than bathtub stickers
  • Don’t forget that non-slip coatings are the best way to solve the problem of unsafe floors

How do you fix slippery floors?

You can fix unsafe floors by applying non-slip products to make floors safe. So what are these solutions? The first and most popular way to create safe floors is to get a non-slip floor coating. This coating is a miracle worker, making your unsafe floors slip easy to walk on. The technology behind it is extremely clever. First, it is important to clean the floors properly before they can be applied.

To do this, a special cleaning formula is used. This formula has been designed to clean thoroughly and pick up any oil and grease that the naked eye may not see. The solution can be added once the floors are completely clean and dry again. While the solution is being added, it creates microscopic pores on your existing unsafe floor. This is where the technology starts to kick in. These pores act like microscopic suction cups and make the floor non-slip. Most people worry that the floor will become sticky when they apply non-slip floor coatings. This is not the case at all. Also, you will not have to worry about having a weird-looking residue on the floor as the solution dries completely clear.

Now you can change unsafe floors into safe floors without ruining the aesthetics in your home. This solution is suitable for several materials and can be used indoors and outdoors. Providing you with the knowledge that your family will be safe wherever they tread.

Other solutions to consider

You may want to consider other solutions for your unsafe floors. If you have small children, our all-weather coating is the perfect addition to your stairs. The kit is placed on the edge of the stairs to create a grip between the shoe and the stair, making it difficult to slip.

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