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Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking for a lucrative business opportunity? Look no further than Slip No More – a leading manufacturer in the slip-prevention industry.

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With an aging population and increased liability trends, the slip-prevention industry is recognized as a high-growth industry. Slip prevention products are a necessity in all corners of the domestic, commercial and industrial markets.

Slip No More products have been developed to the highest standards using the latest technology, and are considered to be some of the safest to work with in the industry. Our attention to detail and dedication to innovation sets us apart from our competitors. Our range is designed to work on tiles, concrete, wood and acrylic and much much more…

Be part of our growing network as a distributor and become a key player in the slip prevention industry. Our distributorship is truly unique and does not put a stain on your capital. We provide you with all the tools that you need to be successful from your first week. This Opportunity is geared toward offering superior, industry-leading anti-slip products to residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Become a Distributor TODAY!

Why Choose Slip No More?

At Slip No More, we believe in empowering individuals with the opportunity to run their own businesses.

When you become a Slip No More distributor, you’re not just joining a business; you’re becoming part of a supportive family. Our commitment to your success goes beyond providing products – we offer ongoing support, training, and marketing materials to help you build and expand your business.

People are the foundation of our company’s success. We believe in building sustainable relationships and behind every relationship in our organization is an interesting story, we would love to know yours.

The Ideal Candidate

The ideal Slip No More distributor is a motivated and hardworking individual with a passion and commitment to promoting safety.

The Ideal Distributor

Whether you’re first time business owner, a contractor, or want to supplement your current income we will help you achieve success. No previous experience is necessary.

A Slip No More distributor should take a hands-on approach, be proactive, and ready to make a difference in the slip prevention industry. The distributor should exhibit friendly and courteous traits, coupled with effective sales abilities and a genuine willingness to learn and earn.

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The Growing Slip Prevention Industry

The slip prevention industry is poised for unprecedented growth from 2024 to 2030, forcing a trend in safety-conscious solutions.

Fueled by the awareness of slip and fall incidents across different sectors, this boom predicts an increased demand for reliable non-slip products.

As individuals and businesses prioritize safety, Slip No More is set to play a pivotal role in providing innovative solutions for slippery floors. The anticipated growth presents a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to join a thriving sector.

The $995 Starter Pack – Your Gateway to Success

Embarking on your journey as a Slip No More distributor is quick and easy. Simply fill out your details, and we’ll provide more information.

A representative will then reach out to set up a meeting where we’ll guide you through starting your home-based business.

There are no hidden costs or surprises – just a straightforward path to entrepreneurship. Our distributor starter pack is designed to get you introduced into the slip prevention industry at the lowest cost in the industry.

  • Exclusive Offer: Kickstart your journey with a comprehensive Starter Pack for $995, including samples of our entire product range to make an immediate impact.

  • Flexible Investment: Enjoy the freedom to buy only what you need, when you need it, streamlining your approach to starting a home-based business in the slip prevention industry.

  • Support Beyond Products: As a distributor, you join a supportive family committed to your success. Benefit from ongoing support, training, and marketing materials to build and expand your business

  • Global Recognition: Leverage Slip No More’s global footprint and over 15 years of international experience. Distributors benefit from a lead generation program, capitalizing on the brand’s global recognition.

Become a Distributor TODAY!

Your Customer Base and Benefits

The potential customer base for Slip No More products is wide, spanning across industries such as the medical sector, educational facilities, hospitality, manufacturing, and more.

As a distributor, you play a crucial role in saving clients from slip and fall accidents, reducing workers’ compensation claims, and minimizing downtime caused by injuries.

Opportunities exist in all markets and to name a few, you could operate in:

  • Gyms

  • Restaurants

  • Pools

  • Spas

  • Kitchens

  • Workshops

  • Offices

  • Bakeries

  • Hospitals

  • Pubs

  • Hotels

  • Mines

  • Old Age Homes

  • Shopping Malls

  • Showrooms

  • Factories

Seize the opportunity to join the best home-based business with the lowest startup cost in the industry. Slip No More is not just a business, it’s a proven model for success. Your effort determines your income, and with our support, you can turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

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When we started with Slip No More we didn’t know much about the anti slip industry. The team trained me in all aspects floor safety and how to sell the products. I started by selling to friends and family and after a few months I have become the floor safety specialist in my city

Peter B., 5 out of 5 Stars

Becoming a distributor has been a game-changer for my business. The starter kit was an invaluable investment. I received the whole product range and I started doing demos from day 1. I never knew the floor safety industry could be so much fun, not to mention how well the products sell when you do a demo

David W., 5 out of 5 Stars

I added slip no more products onto my exisiting floor cleaning business and my customers were blown away at how well the products work. I enjoy having an extra product to sell to my existing customer base and my revenue has increased significantly

Kate S., 5 out of 5 Stars

After speaking to all the non slip suppliers I was shocked at how much other companies charge. This distributorship was easy to start and I am glad I went with Slip No More. Dean and his team are friendly and great to work with. Its only been a short time but the response in my area is encouraging. They helped me set my business up and I can only see a positive future

Brett Y., 5 out of 5 Stars

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