Anti-slip and Non-slip Products for your Home or Business

Our product range of slip prevention products is designed to increase the slip resistance of your floor at your home, office, factory as well as the supermarket and shopping mall. Slip-prevention products are a crucial factor to consider in these environments. We specialize in anti-slip flooring treatments for tiles as well as non-slip products for any kind of surface. These products and other slip-prevention products can be applied to flat surfaces as well as ramps, loading bays, and stairs. There is no area too difficult for us to apply our slip prevention products.

Product Categories

The aim of Slip No More Slip Prevention Products is to dramatically decrease the chance of slipping on a floor, wet or dry. Different products are suited to different areas as well as different conditions.

There are many different environments where our slip-prevention products can be used, we have identified 6 key areas that rely on anti-slip flooring and non-slip products in order to ensure the safety of their patrons, customers and clients.

Anti-Slip Products in Care Facilities

Hospitals – Nursing Homes – Long-Term Care – Retirement living

Facilities designed for the care, treatment and well-being of its clients, including the safety of the staff and visitors are faced with the need to provide a safe, accessible environment. Adopting practices that will support systematic and consistent approaches to providing quality care also requires specific attention to their floors. There are many different anti-slip flooring treatments and non-slip coatings that are available and can be applied by qualified technicians and in some cases by in-house maintenance departments. It is never too late to adopt a range of our anti-slip products in this environment.

Many staff, patients, residents and visitors are injured annually due to slips and falls on walking and working surfaces. These surfaces range from tiled entrances and stairs to ramps and emergency exits and if there were proper anti-slip products applied to the floor, injuries would be dramatically decreased. These injuries account for a significant percentage of lost injuries and account for much and suffering and sometimes even death. It is important to understand how slips, trips and falls happen when there are no anti-slip Products installed as well as how to identify hazards and how to eliminate or minimize these hazards. Slip No More‘s range of slip prevention products for floor surfaces exceed the minimum floor safety requirements and can increase the floor safety in almost every environment imaginable. It is easy to beat the odds when anti-slip products are applied.

Non-Slip Coatings in Sports & Entertainment Venues

Fitness Facilities – Stadiums – Arenas – Theatres – Cinemas – Pools

Sports and Entertainment facilities provide a wide range of environments for their clientele. From playing surfaces, spectator areas, and stairs to refreshment and restroom facilities. These facilities are faced with the need to provide a safe, accessible environment for staff and visitors alike. Specific attention to their floor surfaces is integral in this task. Non-slip coatings are hard-wearing and crucial in this environment.

Slips happen because of a lack of friction and traction between footwear and the walking surface, especially when there are no Non-slip coatings applied. Some common causes of slips are:

  • Spills
  • Hazards created by the weather (eg. Puddles, snow & ice)
  • Surfaces that are wet or oily
  • Loose rugs or mats

Statistically, slips, trips, and falls are the most common cause of workplace injury. However, they are also among the easiest to prevent by simply contacting a company that can apply non-slip coatings

Slip Prevention Products for Educational facilities

Universities – Colleges – Elementary & Secondary Schools

Creating and sustaining a healthy environment for students includes the maintenance of a safe, accessible environment in which to learn. Attention Slip Prevention products for floors is a primary step in providing such an environment.

Slips happen due to not applying slip prevention products applied, which cause a lack of friction or traction between footwear and the walking surface. The most common cause of slips and falls where there are Non-Slip Prevention Products applied are:

  • Liquid spills by staff or students
  • Hazards created by the elements such as rain and snow
  • Wet and oily surfaces
  • Obstacles that are in the way of pedestrian traffic

Education workplaces currently experience the greatest number of critical injuries within the educational sector. The most common cause of these injuries are caused by slips and falls on flat surfaces and can easily be avoided by getting in touch with a company that applies Slip Prevention Products.

Slip Prevention Products for the Commercial and Industrial markets

Offices – Factories – Plants – Airports

Productivity in the workplace is first and foremost in making your business successful. Providing a safe environment for your workforce as well as any visiting clients by means of Slip Prevention Products is integral in ensuring high productivity is maintained. This includes specific attention to the floors and stairways of your facilities, areas where Slip Prevention Products should be mandatory.

Many staff are injured annually due to falls on walking and working surfaces that don’t have Slip Prevention Products applied. These injuries account for a significant percentage of lost time injuries and account for much pain and suffering as well as death. It is important to understand how slips and falls happen, how to identify hazards and how to eliminate or minimize these hazards.

  • Each year there are approximately 17 000 lost hours due to injuries caused by falls on the workplace.
  • 65% of fall-related injuries are from the same level (flat surfaces)
  • 80 workers are injured every day because of a slip, trip or fall – that’s 1 every 20min
  • An average WSIB claim is $11 771. Factor in other costs like productivity and staff replacement and the cost can be up to four times more (approximately $59 000 per injury)

Slip Prevention Products are readily available from many different suppliers, we carry a wide range of Slip Prevention Products which include anti-slip flooring and non-slip coatings.