Slipping Injuries and accidents are always best avoided. Luckily, now, thanks to Slip No More, you will be able to avoid nasty trips and falls completely. Our treatments for porcelain or ceramic tiles are perfect for improving safety at home and safety at the workplace. Once applied, the treatment ensures that the surfaces will not be able to get slippery, allowing you to avoid injuries and accidents completely! Great, isn’t it?

Without Anti-Slip flooring products installed, there are many areas that often aren’t considered to be slippery. Think of the most obvious places such as the patio, around the pool, and at the entrance. These areas might be top of mind when thinking about potential slips and fall for guests… but let’s explore a few more areas in the home that have the potential to cause injuries and accidents relating to slipping and falling.

Slipping injuries in the bathroom

What about the bathroom? Have you ever gotten out of the shower and stepped onto the wet floor? Tiles for bathrooms are particularly hazardous due to the fact that they get wet often, thus increasing the risk of slipping injuries and accidents exponentially. Luckily, here at Slip No More, we manufacture anti-slip treatments for porcelain or ceramic tiles in the bathroom. These products will be sure to make slipping injuries and accidents far less likely – and you can have total peace of mind when people come to stay and when you have children around.

The bathroom, however, is not the only room in the house that puts you at risk for injuries and accidents. What about slippery floors in your kitchen? We often work with water at the sink in the kitchen or even have a leaking washing machine or dishwasher. Anti-Slip flooring products are thus crucial for improving safety at home. Forget about safety procedures – Slip No More treatments are all you will need!

Slipping Injuries and accidents caused by Porcelain Tiles

Although stunning, porcelain tiles are known for being some of the slipperiest surfaces in the home – especially when wet or damp. It is because of this that it is always wise to treat your porcelain tiles with Slip No More treatments. If you don’t treat your tiles, you stand the risk of slipping injuries and accidents happening.

The company works closely with industry professionals and relevant floor safety associations across the globe to create awareness about the risks associated with slippery floors and the necessary measures that one can implement to combat the pending risks.

Besides porcelain tiles, another aspect of your home that can be responsible for injuries and accidents is your stairs. Luckily, we also sell adhesive tape, especially for the treatment of stairs. This will help to improve safety for children and the elderly in homes with more than one story. The adhesive tape has been manufactured in such a way that it does not destroy the ‘look’ of your stairs but blends in until almost invisible.