I have slippery tiles in my bathroom and need some to spray on that will make it non-slip. Can you please send me more information on the non-slip application?

We love it when customers are clear about what their slippery floor problem is. At Slip No More, we have a team of floor safety specialists who are ready to help you fix your slippery floor.

This customer inquired about a solution for the slippery tiles in their bathroom. A problem that is dangerous when the floor is wet.

Our recommendation for slippery tiles in a bathroom

We recommended the Anti-Slip Treatment DIY Kit for the slippery tiles in their bathroom. We sent them step-by-step instructions on how the product works and that it is user-friendly to apply. We also have a YouTube dedicated to teaching consumers on how to apply our products. We have tried to make it as easy as possible to work with our products. If you are still unsure on which products to use, or how to apply them, we always have a national network of distributors that can do it for you.

(Quotation was sent to the client and delivered in a very good timely manner)


We supplied the customer with the Anti-Slip Treatment DIY Kit. This product is designed to increase the grip on slippery tiles, especially in bathrooms. It is a two-step process involving cleaning the floor, rinsing it, and drying it, and then applying our anti-slip treatment.

This is what the customer had to say, and here are some more testimonials.

“Thank you for your fast and sufficient service, it is seldom that one sees such good service.”

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