When it comes to Anti-Slip flooring for the workplace, safety is essential to help create a safe and comfortable environment for your staff. Almost all slips and falls happen in the workplace when the floors have not been treated, and often, these accidents can lead to dangerous and costly injuries. Below are five types of anti-slip workplace flooring solutions that you can implement to keep your floors safe.

  • Mats and Tiles
  • Floor and Step Coverings
  • Non-Slip Coatings
  • Anti-Skid Treatments
  • Anti-Slip Tapes

The workplace is an important environment for a number of reasons. People spend more time at work than at their own homes. If there are poor standards Anti-Slip Workplace flooring, the risk of employees being injured from a slip and fall is higher. When employees are injured, they cant perform their functions within the company, which directly equates to a loss of revenue. It is also not fair to the employee if they are injured at the workplace due to poor anti-slip flooring. Company owners should feel morally obligated to take care of their employees.

We also have a range of products that might be of interest to you see below:

Anti Slip Treatments For Tiled Floors
Non-Slip Coatings For All Floors
Cleaners and Preparation Products
Non-Slip Self Adhesive Tapes For Stairs

If you need any type of anti-slip workplace flooring, our range of Anti-Slip tape or Non-Slip Coatings can be used in all environments. We operate in many different countries and have slightly different products available in each.

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United Kingdom


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