Anti-Slip Stair Tread-Black 24in x 6in

Anti-Slip Stair Tread-Black 24in x 6in


(4 customer reviews)

This product is formulated for use on most tiled floors that have not been sealed. It creates an invisible tread on tiles that significantly increases the slip resistance providing the treated surface with a safe & efficient grip. This treatment significantly reduces the problem of dangerous surfaces in wet conditions and lasts up to 3 years.

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Suggested Uses

Commercial & Industrial

  • Frail Care facilities
  • Hostels
  • Schools
  • Crèches
  • Mines
  • Restaurants
  • Kitchens
  • Hospitals
  • Office Parks
  • Factories
  • Showrooms
  • Housing
  • Complexes
  • Retirement Villages
  • Apartments


  • Hotels
  • Gyms
  • Casinos
  • Bars
  • Nightclubs
  • Restaurants
  • Swimming Pools
  • Sports Stadiums
  • Shopping Malls

Product Specs

Product: Anti-Slip Stair Tread-Black
Pack Size: 0.11 Pounds
Product Code: SNMST-001
Package Size: 26in x 6in

Additional information

Dimensions 24 × 6 × 0.19 in

4 reviews for Anti-Slip Stair Tread-Black 24in x 6in

  1. Michael H

    I wish I bought more because I found more places to use it at my warehouse. This tread covers most of the stairs and once I put it down it gave us more confidence walking on tricky stairs than I have. I think they were built wrong because they seem steeper than normal stairs but now its easier with the extra grip.

  2. Mandy O

    This product covers the stair well but I think it should come in a pack of 6 or 12. The grip is good and I think it will last long

  3. Rick Z

    This product is perfect for wide stairs where kids tend to run faster. I used this at a junior school on very wide stapes and they look good and have stopped the slipping accidents when the stairs are wet

  4. John T

    This makes the whole step safe. Sticks like glue

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