A non-slip paint for concrete flooring is an easy way to keep your floors safe from slips, trips, and falls.. Slips and falls are among the most common causes of injuries in homes. The National Safety Council estimates that there are over 1 million slip and fall accidents each year. In fact, slips and falls account for nearly half of all home injury claims. Slip-resistant surfaces can reduce the number of these accidents by 75%.

Paint Floors with Non-Slip Paint for concrete.

If you have hardwood floors, you might not think much about them when it comes to safety. However, they do pose some risks. Hardwood floors are often slippery, especially when wet. This makes them dangerous for people who are walking barefoot. They also make it difficult for older adults to navigate safely. Non-slip paint for concrete can sometimes be used on slippery hardwood floors.

Install Handrails on All Stairs.

You should install handrails on all stairs in your home. This could be used as an extra precaution other than non-slip paint for concrete. These provide support for those who need it and help prevent falls. Its all good and well having non-slip products painted onto your concrete, but when people aren’t able to walk properly, it causes higher risks.

Cover Steps.

If you have steps in your house and aren’t able to use non-slip paint for concrete. You should cover them with something that won’t slip. This includes using nonslip mats, installing grab bars, or painting the treads black. There are many different stair treads available on the market today. Our customers absolutely love our products, you should have a look at what they have to say

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