Running a restaurant can be stressful enough as it is without running into problems, especially if you don’t have non-slip flooring for restaurants. You need to understand Non-slip flooring for restaurants and why you need it for your restaurant to avoid disgruntled guests.

Many restaurants have very old flooring. This flooring is normally made out of wood. This is largely due to the fact that the restaurants that exist today have been converted from older homes. It is also necessary to offer guests a quaint, homely atmosphere and wood gives a sense of warmth to any restaurant. The only problem is that this type of flooring can become extremely slippery, especially if you maintain it with varnish. There have been a number of incidents where guests have fallen in restaurants tdue to having slippery flooring. The question is how can you keep the original wooden floor while making is slip free? The answer lies in Non slip flooring for restaurants and its technology.

How has the technology of non-slip flooring for restaurants evolved?

When people think about Non-slip flooring for restaurants their minds normally paint a picture of old vinyl or laminated flooring tiles. This, originally, was one of the best ways you could implement a safe floor as they are virtually slip-free. However, they are unfortunately not the most aesthetically pleasing choice. Now with anti-slip technology, you can keep the aesthetically pleasing wooden floor and still keep your guests safe. A new technology has been brought about where you can simply add an anti-slip coating to the floors in your restaurant.

This coating dries absolutely clear and does not affect the integrity of your original flooring. Your guests will be able to walk across your Non-slip flooring for restaurants in any shoe they want and no longer have to worry about slipping and falling. You will also find that even if you varnish the floor it will still remain almost 100 percent slip free. This technology is suitable for other types of materials apart from wood, so it can be used in all areas of your business. It also lasts for up to 5 years which makes it a fantastic investment. Changing the way you see flooring and safety is now possible with this fantastic technology. 

Other flooring solutions to consider

It is necessary to make your restaurant accessible to all types of different people. This can and should include people who need to use a wheelchair. Having wheelchair access is necessary for these guests. Your ramp needs to be slip free to ensure that they can enter and exit your building with ease. This is possible by using anti-slip tape. This tape has been designed specifically to be put on wheelchair access ramps. It provides enough grip between the wheels and the surface for safe entry every time, regardless of the weather conditions.

It is important to make sure that you have all of the correct anti-slip solutions set in place at your restaurant. To find out more about the latest technology on the market, you need to CONTACT US.


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