When considering protection for your floors, installing anti-slip floor treatments isn’t only about your family. They can also be used to protect your flooring as well. There are times when you want to keep your floors from getting damaged, such as when heavy objects or machinery pass over your flooring. You may also simply want additional protection after having new floors installed in your facility.

Either way, the harsh reality about slip prevention is that if you don’t have a plan in place, you will not be able to provide protection for your floors, friends or family. It only takes a small spill to creat a slip-and-fall accident. Often, these slip-and-fall accidents happen quickly and have long-lasting effects. Slip and fall accidents account for the second highest accidental death rate, the first is car accidents.

Anti-slip floor treatments can provide the protection for your floors at home that you are looking for at an affordable cost.

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Aside from having a national network of operators who can install our anti-slip tape and non-slip coatings, we also have a range of do-it-yourself products that you can install yourself. Either way, we have the right products to increase the protection of your floors. We have a dedicated YouTube Channel filled with instructional videos on how to apply our products.

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Our products are also available at Amazon or our Online Store. No matter where you look, you can find our products for superior protection for your floors.

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