Ever wondered about making your swimming pool floors less slippery? Owning a swimming pool at home is an excellent piece of entertainment for your family and friends. But sometimes, we don’t consider what is involved in the upkeep of a pool, especially the safety aspect. Each year millions of people are injured at pools. Slipping and falling around a pool is a hazardous situation. It is up to the pool owner to learn about the advantages of anti-slip flooring, especially in slippery outdoor areas.

Which anti-slip solution is best for swimming pool areas?

An important part of maintenance is the cleaning and maintaining your deck. When the pool is used more, during summer, it is difficult to avoid the floor becoming wet. Thankfully, there are some non-slip methods you can investigate.

Assessing the floor surface

Most pool decks are installed without floor safety in mind. Swimming pool owners have often used granite, tiles, and even polished concrete around their swimming pools. These surfaces are not ideal unless they have an anti-slip coating applied to them.

Changing the slippery floor surface can decrease the risk of slipping, but it isn’t the best option. Considering the costs and disruption involved.

Using Pool Mats

Pool mats are very useful and effective. They don’t look so good and will take away from the style of your pool area. Pool mats are also a tripping hazard at times if not used properly.

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Using rubber-soled shoes

Shoes are a great defense against slippery floors. Forcing swimming pool users to wear shoes around the slippery pool will help with floor safety. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to wear shoes and relax in the swimming pool at the same time.

Non-slip coatings

Applying a non-slip coating to your slippery pool deck is by far the best solution. You get to keep the look that you intended for the floor and keep pool users safe. When the floor gets wet, it retains its slip resistance.

At SLip No More, we suggest our anti-slip treatments or non-slip coatings for pool decks. Our coatings come in clear and a range of colors. They are UV stable and won’t change color in the sun. This product can be used on most slippery surfaces.

Have a look at some of the pools we have increased floor safety. We are no strangers to slippery floors.


Swimming pool safety and how to improve it

No one should ever have to deal with someone getting injured because of a slippery pool deck. Slipping and falling around a pool can cause serious injury, and it is the pool owner’s responsibility to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Our aim is to educate you about protection for your floors, and using one of the methods we have spoken about just might save a life.

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We have a team of floor safety specialists waiting to assist you. We will recommend the ideal slip-resistant products for your slippery area. Our YouTube Channel is also filled with training videos on how to apply our non-slip products.

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