These 3 steps in Preventing Slips and Falls and increasing floor safety at the workplace are essential. Most time, the solution is not as complicated as most people think. By simply treating your floors with a non-slip solution or placing mats in high-spill areas can make a world of difference.

Here are 3 steps that any company can and should take to prevent these slips and falls.

Installing Floor Safety Signs and barriers

Visibility is always key. When a safety warning sign is in front of someone’s face, they tend to listen to

On-site walkway audits

Always take the time to assess your slippery floors. It is good to check what your safety officers are implementing.

Preparing the floor with a non-slip treatment

There are a number of different non-slip products that can be used in a building. Anti-Slip Tape is really good for stairs, ramps and walkways. For high-traffic areas you can use a Non-Slip Coating or an Anti-Slip Treatment

We have the following products available to help follow our 3 steps in preventing slips and falls

Anti Slip Treatments For Tiled Floors
Non-Slip Coatings For All Floors
Cleaners and Preparation Products
Non-Slip Self Adhesive Tapes For Stairs

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