Our customer has a metal step on the sides of his Jeep Wrangler. He feared that he would slip when entering and exiting the vehicle. The customer wanted to know which coating could be used to make the metal steps non-slip. The request was that the non-slip coating for his metal steps is weather-resistant.

Hi Please advise… I have a Jeep Wrangler that has a metal step on the side (pic below). The areas I marked in red are where your foot would go when entering or leaving the vehicle. What product can I use to make these 2 areas non-slip? Obviously, something that is weather resistant.

Non-Slip coating for metal steps on off-road vehicle

We recommended our non-slip coating (clear) for this inquiry. we were confident that it would work perfectly on the customer’s slippery metal steps and also will prevent him from slipping when entering and exiting the Jeep Wrangler. Also, the product is weather-resistant. We considered anti-slip tape but felt that if it wasn’t completely clear, it might take away from the look and feel that the customers were aiming for.


We supplied the customer with the quotation and technical datasheet. The customer made the payment and the non-slip products were shipped the following day. The customer was happy with the results of the product.

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