When it comes down to health and safety, there are no shortcuts. Here are four reasons why you need stair treads… Which is why it is essential that you have taken into consideration all the health hazards in your facility, and very often, stairs are always a major concern. Lets face it, no one likes to see people injured. Imagine knowing that you could avoid painful slip and fall accidents by speaking to a professional company.

It’s all good and well having a hand railing on your slippery stairs. That is not enough to fully protect your friends, family, and employees from slip and fall accidents. There are alternatives, such as non-slip coatings, non-skid tapes, and even anti-slip treatments. You will have to choose the correct product for your needs. We are here to advise you and have a team of experts waiting to help.

Here are four reasons why you need stair treads

  • They Prevent Damage to your stairs by covering the edges
  • Stair treads Are Cost-Efficient
  • Super easy to install, stair treads are simply stuck to the stair
  • Stair treads can be removed without damaging the stair

Our products are made from the highest quality raw materials, and we are always developing new and improved non-slip flooring products. We also have a national network of installers who can install our full range of anti-slip flooring products

Be sure to check our Non-Slip Self-Adhesive Tapes for slippery stairs. Installing non-slip stair treads is even easier once you have viewed our YouTube channel.

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