What Is The Purpose of Stair Nosing is a question that is often asked and the answer is simple… Stair nosing is used to help improve the safety of the stairs. It also protects the stairs from wear and tear.

Typically, Stair Nosing is used on wooden stairs that are slippery so it can act as protection from the wood getting damaged. There is also the safety aspect when it comes to slippery stairs. When asking Wikipedia “What is the purpose of stair nosing?”, one of the answers are that Stair Nosing accounts for over one million stair-related injuries each year. Stair Nosing helps avoid slip and fall accidents by creating a profile on the edge of the stair, which makes the stair slightly longer, providing a larger surface area

Aluminum Stair nosing and its alternates

There are many different options available when it comes to stair nosing depending on the circumstances of each application. We always suggest Aluminum Stair Nosing because it not only looks good but is hard-wearing enough to be used in a commercial or industrial environment.

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What is the purpose of installing Stair Nosing?

In recent years, stair nosing has been the number one choice for stairs that are slippery in the wet and the dry. One of the main factors that have made stair nosing so popular is how it is applied. There are two ways of installing stair nosing. You can glue them to the edge of the stair or fastening the stair nosing to the stair with the use of a fastener. If you have ever asked what the purpose of stair nosing is, now you know.

The gluing option is more popular because it is quicker and won’t leave holes in the stairs after it is removed. Although there are loads of alternative products for stairs like our Grip Strip. The only other product that can be installed and put into use immediately is Anti-Slip Tape.

One should always take into account that Anti-Slip Tape is a short-term solution to the problem of slippery stairs. Unfortunately, it wears away under high traffic.

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