Learning about the benefits of non-slip flooring tiles can save your life. Whether the place is your house or office, non-slip flooring tiles can save lives. If your tiles are decorated or not, it doesn’t matter. For this reason, you mustn’t forget to consider the floors. Apart from making your floors attractive, it is crucial to make them safe. Today, we will teach you about the safety of non-slip flooring tiles.

The importance of cleaning non-slip flooring tiles

People often overlook the importance of keeping their floors safe. This almost always leads to accidents. If you experience a slip-and-fall accident, it’s probably because you didn’t consider the benefits of using non-slip flooring tiles. Without the use of non-slip flooring tiles, you will have unsafe floors. This can result in people facing a slip and fall accident. The chances of such mishaps automatically increase when the floors are slippery. Thus, it becomes necessary to look for the available solutions in the market and take the best one.

Always remember to clean your floor as soon as possible. After a liquid is spilled onto the floor, it is straightforward for it to be spread by people walking on it. This makes the risk of a slip-and-fall accident much higher.

Which cleaning products work best

There is a big misconception about which cleaning products best suit anti-slip floors. Some floor cleaners are made from cheap materials. The science behind floor cleaners is that the closer it is to an alkaline, the quicker it will clean. Alkaline products are great for cutting grease and fat. They are not always the best for your work environment because they leave stains and streaks on metal surfaces. The best cleaning products to use would be a cleaning product with a neutral PH level.

Types of products that create non-slip flooring tiles

Anti-Slip Treatment: An anti-slip treatment is the easiest to install to create non-slip flooring tiles. The tile treatment creates micro-pores within the tile, which makes it non-slip. The outcome is that any tile that is not sealed can become a non-slip flooring tile.

Non-slip Coatings: Anti-slip and non-slip coatings are not only developed for concrete floors. In recent years, coatings have been used to create non-slip flooring tiles. The beauty of a coating is that the tiles or flooring becomes non-slip in the wet and the dry.

Anti-Slip Tape: Non-slip tape is by far the easiest product to apply. By being self-adhesive, it can be applied in seconds. So, anti-slip tape is a great way to make flooring tiles non-slip for tiled stairs and ramps.

Non-Slip Stickers: For areas where delicate skin is involved, non-slip stickers solve a big problem. This is another way to create non-slip flooring tiles. Ideal for showers, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Where to find non-slip flooring products

There are several different places to source slip-prevention products from. Firstly, a non-slip products manufacturer will have an online store. You can also find anti-slip products on eCommerce websites like Amazon and Walmart.

If you attend trade shows, you will almost always see anti-slip products being displayed. There are trade shows and exhibitions that happen all over the country and can be found by performing a simple search on Google.

Top retailers like Lowes and Home Depot carry a small range of anti-slip products. Typically, they only sell anti-slip tape and a limited range of non-slip coatings.


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