Very often, the importance of floor safety is overlooked. Wet floor signs get left up long after the wet area has dried, inadvertently desensitizing the public. So it is essential that you need to ensure that your floors have been treated with an anti-slip floor treatment to avoid any painful and ultimately costly slips.

Here are 3 tips to follow to improve your floor safety

  • A sign should be placed right on top of any wet areas
  • Treat your floors with the correct anti-slip treatment
  • Make sure your surface is always nice and clean

Why is floor safety important

Floor safety is of the utmost importance in any setting, at home or in the workplace. Flooring can be made from a variety of materials, from natural stone to LVT and vinyl, but regardless of surface type, slip and trip hazards are a risk for everyone. To prevent dangerous slips and trips, floor safety should always be taken into consideration when selecting a floor system and regular maintenance should be conducted to ensure its ongoing performance. Routine inspections should also take place in order to identify any potential issues, such as tears and wear. Additionally, keeping our floors clean is key for keeping them safe since dirt, debris and water all contribute to slippery surfaces. Taking on these preventive measures will not only help prevent accidents related to slips and trips but it is also important for compliance with regulations related to the working environment safety.

If you follow these simple tips on the importance of floor safety,  you will keep your floors safe and prevent any injuries or slip-ups on your premises. Also, be sure to check out our product range of slip-prevention products

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