There are many DIY flooring solutions for your home that you may not be aware of. However, once you find out little tricks of the trade, your first instinct is to implement them into your home. You prefer to do these projects on your own, which is why you need to know about the DIY flooring solution that can change your life.

There are many parts of the home that have had your special touch added to them. You just love doing DIY projects. However, one area that you have not been able to tackle yet is your flooring. At one point, you were considering ripping up the floor. But starting again is never ideal. Well, this will not be necessary when you discover this flooring solution.

What about the safety of your family

Apart from the fact that you wanted to take on a floor project, you may have actually been concerned for your family’s safety. You may have found that the beautiful floor in your home now is extremely slippery and dangerous. Your partner hates the fact that they and the children have to walk around with talcum powder on their shoes to stop them from slipping, so what is the solution? The DIY anti-slip flooring solution.

What is the anti-slip flooring solution exactly? Instead of having to rip up your floors and put down laminated floor panels, you can simply use anti-slip technology. It is simple, really. All it takes is a little bit of time out of your day to clean and apply the solution. When you purchase the DIY kit you will be provided with the proper cleaning solution as well as the anti-slip coating. In order for the technology to work, it is imperative that the floor be cleaned properly first with the cleaning solution. This solution targets grease and oil, as well as any other dirt. Then when the floor is dry you can add the anti-slip coating.

How to apply DIY Flooring solutions

You can either read the instructions or watch a handy YouTube video on how to do this properly. When the anti-slip solution is being added it will begin to make microscopic pores on the surface. These pores are not designed to damage the floor but rather create microscopic suction cups. These suction cups will obviously create an anti-slip quality to the flooring and prevent any slips from occurring, even if water or oil were to be spilt on it. You can rest assured that your little DIY flooring solution will keep your family safe. What’s more, it can be applied to almost any surface as it dries completely clear. It also can last for up to 5 years if you maintain it properly with the same cleaning solution you used from the outset.

For bigger projects, call in the professionals.

Although there is a DIY kit available, it is only suited for small areas, For bigger projects, you may have to call in the professionals, like us at Slip No More. Visit our articles page to learn about all types of anti-slip solutions.