Anti-Slip Tape

Slippery Wood Stairs? Here’s Why Anti-Slip Tape Is Best!

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When slippery, wood stairs can be difficult to pilot, but fear not Anti-Slip tape, is the best solution for you. If you tired of tiptoeing down your wood stairs and scared of falling and slipping? You are not the only one. An effective and easy solution to make your wood stairs safer is the use

Non-Slip Tapes & 2 Types for Your Home

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Non-Slip Tapes are used to prevent accidents on floors that could cause injury. Slip prevention is no joke. Millions of people die each year from slip and fall accidents. Not only do slipping accidents cause injury and death, but millions in lost revenue and compensation claims. They're also useful for keeping items in place when

Non Slip Tape Stairs for Your Home or Office

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Non-slip tape stairs are an excellent way to keep your home or office safe and prevent slips and falls. They're also great for keeping kids safe when climbing up and down slippery stairs. Out of our range of slip prevention products, Anti-Slip Tape is by far the easiest anti-slip product to use. We also

Best Non-Skid Tape for Your Wooden Stairs

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Non-skid tape for your wooden stairs is great for preventing slips and falls in the home. They're also helpful when walking on uneven surfaces, such as wood floors and wooden stairs. The best non-skid tape for your wooden stairs depends on how often you use them. If you walk up and down your stairs

Train Your Employees About Floor Safety

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Training your employees about floor safety could save you money. Floor safety is not as straightforward as simply treating your floors with an anti-slip floor treatment. But if employees do not know the company is taking a stance on floor safety and about improved procedures, hazards will still exist. This is why it’s important

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