Falls can be incredibly dangerous, especially as we age. They can result in terrible injuries that could haunt us for the rest of our lives. Thankfully, the team here at Slip No More has come up with a solution- now it is possible to avoid slipping on porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles and stairs! We have manufactured an array of products that will make porcelain or ceramic tiles less slippery. We even have a do-it-yourself option available. Simply spray the product onto your porcelain tiles…and Slip No More!

Our Anti-Slip product for porcelain tiles is truly amazing- and affordable, too! It works great on all types of surfaces where porcelain tiles are present. From bathroom floors and kids’ play areas to shopping malls and hospitals, this product for porcelain tiles really does work wonders. Now you can avoid those accidents and stop worrying about the rest of your family slipping and hurting themselves as well!

Slip No More anti-slip treatment creates an invisible tread on porcelain tiles that significantly increases the coefficient of friction. Providing the treated surfaces with a safe and efficient grip. It does this without having any effect on the way in which your porcelain or ceramic tiles look! This product significantly reduces the problem of dangerous surfaces in wet conditions but still allows you to avoid any mess and fully enjoy your floors.

It will be difficult to beat the cost-effectiveness of having an Anti-Slip treatment like this applied. There is a bonus, too! Included in the price is the cleaning and degreasing of your tiles, the anti-slip treatment as well as the neutralization of it. Fantastic!

Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles- Anti-Slip Products

Whether you are looking to treat your porcelain or ceramic tiles, we have the best products for you! The best part about using our anti-slip products for porcelain or ceramic tiles? Just one application on porcelain tiles lasts for several years! We guarantee our products in domestic and commercial environments. This means that you can avoid slips and falls on porcelain or ceramic tiles without having to spend a fortune.

We also produce a very handy anti-slip adhesive tape, ideally suited for stairs. Slip No More’s self-adhesive tape can be used on various different applications. Including slippery stairs, slippery ramps, boats, playgrounds, gyms and many more.

To learn more about anti-slip products for porcelain or ceramic tiles or to find out how we can use adhesive tape in order to stop falls on stairs, please feel free to get in touch with us anytime!

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