Here at Slip No More, we know that having Slick Porcelain or Slippery Ceramic Tiles. In your home not only looks classy but is much easier to clean too. We also know how Slick Porcelain or Slippery Ceramic Tiles can be. That is where we come in!

Safety at home, and especially safety with children, is of paramount concern to any family. Strangely though, we do not often give thought to our tile floors. We never think of injury and accidents at home. And yet, slipping on Slick Porcelain or Slippery Ceramic Tiles is one of the leading causes of injury. Wet tile floors especially, such as tiles for bathrooms, are the biggest risk. Tiled open verandas, which get rained upon, are also a problem. When it comes to ceramic and porcelain tiles, a wet tile can be a recipe for disaster – especially if you have children living at home.

Luckily, these tiled areas need no longer be a concern – thanks to Slip No More. We have the solution for you and your home! Slip No More Anti-Slip flooring products are of world-class quality and are able to prevent slipping and falling accidents. Because, quite frankly, you cannot take the chance of someone getting seriously injured in your home.

Clear Adhesive Tape

Clear ‘adhesive tape’ is the answer to all of your concerns for Slick Porcelain or Slippery Ceramic Tiles. We say ‘adhesive tape’ because the no-slip treatment is not so much adhesive tape as it is a revolutionary treatment. The no-slip treatments that Slip No More uses do not alter the appearance of tiles, including porcelain or ceramic tiles, and can actually bring out the original colour of the tiles. For smaller areas, we have a handy DIY option for you to use.  Our products adhere to all safety procedures and standards. The innovative treatment reduces the slipperiness of surfaces in both wet and dry conditions. Slip No More manufactures anti-slip and no-slip treatments which are guaranteed and can be used on all types of tiles, including Slick Porcelain or Slippery Ceramic Tiles.

Our products last and last for long periods of time and are available at an affordable price. Plus, our no slip solution is able to treat any type of slippery tile – including Ceramics, Porcelain, Terracotta, Terrazzo and Sandstone.

On a final note: Slippery tiles should also be a concern for safety at the workplace. Especially if the tiled floor is a ‘high traffic area. You cannot afford for one of your workers to slip and get seriously injured at your premises, which is why we can take care of workroom floors in the blink of an eye!

For more on our innovative no-slip products for porcelain or ceramic tiles especially, or to find an agent, please do contact us today!

Slip No More South Africa was the first country to manufacture and distribute the Slip No More Anti Slip floor safety range of products. This company was the Brainchild of Dean Strydom, an entrepreneur that created Slip No More Anti Slip products out a necessity for increasing the safety of floors that he found extremely necessary after conducting months of market research within the South African market.