Non-slip paint products come in many forms, including sprayable, roll-on, and even mop-on.
If you need floor paint that won’t cause slip and fall accidents on hard surfaces. you need Slip No More.
These products are useful for people who need to keep walking steady, such as those who walk around with heavy loads or push wheelchairs.

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Polyurethane Paint

There are two main types of Polyurethane non-slip paint products: One part and two-part.
Both work well, but each has its own benefits and drawbacks.
One part Polyurethane non-slip paint is typically used indoors. It is easy to apply and very strong when dry. Unfortunately, when it comes into contact with U.V light, it could dull or change color slightly.
Two-Part Polyurethane non-slip paint products are better suited to outdoor areas and high-traffic areas.
Both can be applied to slippery concrete floors, slippery wooden floors, or slippery metal surfaces. They also come in a range of colors from clear to black and everything in between
When Polyurethane is used as a non-slip paint, It is important to note that it is also mild acid resistant, fuel resistant, and scratch proof.

Epoxy Paint

Epoxy paints are typically used indoors because they’re not as durable as polyurethane.
When using Epoxy as a non-slip paint product, always remember that it is not very flexible. If your slippery floor has cracks in it or needs to flex, it is not the right choice.
Epoxy is a great choice for tough environments. If you have vehicular traffic, this is the coating for you.
However, they do require some preparation before application. First, you’ll need to apply primer to the surface. Then, you’ll mix up the epoxy with an accelerator and let it dry.

Environmentally Friendly Epoxy

Water-based Epoxy is best suited to the food processing industry. When cleanliness is important, these Non-Slip paint products outperform anything else. It is easily cleaned and is scrub resistant.
Due to low Voc`s, it can also be used on slippery floors in diaries, storerooms, and light industrial areas.

Specialized Polyurethane

If you’re looking for something with a bit more slip resistance, Polyurethane non-slip paint coatings work well as specialized coatings.

Our Specialized non-slip paint products have several different functions depending on the environment that they are required in. For example, for ultimate traction in a heavy industrial plant, we would use a different traction bead for a high-traffic commercial building.

Waterproofing Paints

Polyurethane non-slip paint products also function as waterproof paint. It can be used to seal water out underground or above ground.
Because of its excellent sealing properties, it works wonders in the least expected environments.

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