When it comes to non-slip bath mats, there is a lot to consider, and we will teach you how to save through bathtub sticker technology. You can save yourself a lot of frustration by using products that are developed using the latest technology.

Almost everyone has used or seen a non-slip bath mat in their life. And while it may have worked for them, is it the best solution? Traditional bath mats pose a serious risk to your health. They hold bacteria because the area of the non-slip bath mat that is not exposed becomes a dark, warm & damp space. This type of space is a perfect breeding ground for germs. When bath mats are not cleaned regularly, the mold actually becomes a slip-and-fall hazard. As strange as it sounds, your non-slip bath mat becomes a slippery bath mat.

How Are Non-Slip Bath Mats Made

Non-slip bath mats are made from synthetic rubber, PVC, or foam. The material is made into liquid, and it is pushed into a mold. Some molds have a rough finish to create a non-slip finish for the bath mat. In most cases, bath mats have suction cups which is what hold the bath mat to the tub.

Over the years, many different manufacturing processes claim to have evolved the bath mat. Unfortunately, looking at a bath mat from 20 years ago and one from today, they seem to look exactly the same.

Why Bathtub Stickers?

A lot of time, effort, and resources go into the development of bathtub stickers. Careful consideration has been given to key elements that create a product that works effectively, lasts long, and is affordable.

We have developed a range of bathtub stickers that are specifically designed to replace non-slip bath mats. Using a self-adhesive bathtub sticker eliminates the chances of mold and mildew growing in our tub. Our anti-slip bathtub stickers and also skin-friendly, which means they won’t scratch your skin. We all know that when you are in the bathtub, you are at your most vulnerable and don’t have clothes to protect you from rough surfaces.

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Legal Risk

If an accident occurs on your property due to your negligence, you will likely be battling a lawsuit. This could be as simple as not having a non-slip bath mat for guests to use when staying at your property. The problem is that the injured has every right to claim against you if you are at fault. Rarely the injured will not get paid out. In most cases, you can expect to pay not only for the medical costs they have incurred already but also any future medical costs depending on the seriousness of the injury. You can avoid all of this by simply taking the right safety procedures.

If you want to replace your non-slip bath mat, now is a great time to consider using our anti-slip bathtub stickers. They are available in two different sizes and three colors. Our colors are designed to suit all areas.

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