Making Laminate Floors Less Slippery-The How to Guide

If you have never considered how to make laminate floors less slippery, the time to do so is now. One of the most popular flooring choices that homeowners make is to make use of the wide variety of Laminate floors. This is the best alternative to expensive hardwood floors. Unfortunately, laminate floors are very slippery and are often a slip-and-fall hazard for humans and pets. Luckily, there are many ways to transform your slippery laminate flooring into non-slip laminate flooring. Investing in an anti-slip coating for laminate floors could save you from injuries caused by slippery laminate floors 

How to choose an anti-slip coating for laminate floors  

When deciding on the right anti-slip product, you need to take a few factors into account. If your slippery laminate floor is used at home by children and pets, you need to choose a product that is suitable for barefoot use. Whether the floor is indoors or outdoors could also affect your product of choice. Anti-slip products for laminate floors are developed with specific conditions in mind.

A common mistake that people make is using the incorrect cleaning which will prevent you from achieving non-slip laminate flooring. Because they are so smooth, they tend to collect dust easily which makes them slippery. Using a soft-bristle broom or dust mop will help keep your slippery laminate floor free of dust.


At Slip No More, we have these two recommendations for slippery laminate floors:

● Laminate Grip – Non-Slip Clear Coating for Vinyl & Wood Flooring

Laminate Grip is a water-based clear Polyurethane developed to seal and protect slippery laminate floors. Thanks to its skin-safe traction beads, it creates a non-slip finish to Laminate floors, linoleum, cork, engineered wood, smooth concrete, and much much more…

● All-Weather Coating-Clear

Our All-Weather Coating for indoor and outdoor areas is developed out of the need for a superior non-slip finish for use in high-traffic areas. With skin-safe traction beads, this product will protect you, your friends, and your family against slippery hardwood floors, vinyl, and linoleum.

Are you ready for non-slip flooring?

The only task left is to evaluate your slippery laminate floors and decide on a suitable product. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to make sure you avoid having slip-and-fall accidents at all costs.

If you are unsure of which product will work best for you, we have a team of trained floor safety experts that would love to help you make the right choice. We will provide you with sound advice that will suit most budgets. Our team is not only friendly, but very experienced in all floor safety-related aspects

With more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing anti-slip products for slippery floors, we have experience on how to make laminate floors less slippery. We also carry a wide range of products suited to different types of floors for in all types of environments. 

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