Are you aware of the many benefits of nonslip coatings and how they can prevent injury? on your hard floors or on items around your home? It is no secret that prevention is better than cure, and preventing the nasty surprise of an injured family member or employee is certainly no exception.

You can proactively prevent injury by applying nonslip coatings to the abovementioned surfaces. Danger zones to look out for in your home, industrial site, nursing home facility or offices include:

  1. Baths and showers where nonslip coatings always prevent injury
  2. Tiled or any other uncarpeted floors.
  3. Elevated areas or areas with steps and ramps, such as your balcony or patio.
  4. Outdoor and indoor stairways.
  5. The tiling around swimming pools.
  6. Factory workspaces where spills may be frequent.
  7. Showrooms and other highly polished surfaces.

There are many more hazardous areas because slipping can be caused by spillage, worn tiles, the nature of the materials (such as porcelain and ceramics), or unforeseen dangers such as tripping during certain dangerous occupations. With so many dangerous areas around, it is important to have nonslip coatings on your floor to prevent injury.

Nonslip coatings can prevent injury, but so can materials such as nonskid tape and rubber to form an all-around anti-slip flooring and material solution; but how does it work? An invisible layer of grip or tread is formed by applying the resin of nonslip coatings to a floor or bathtub. With this additional layer present, your feet are provided with the required hold when a bathtub may be soapy or a factory workspace is slippery. In addition, this layer would be worn down by frequent traffic in that area, as opposed to the tile itself being worn down and losing whatever grip it did have. That’s why it is so important to have nonslip coatings to prevent injury.

If you have invested in nonslip coatings for floor tiles to prevent injury, you will be aware that they require proper maintenance and additional grip and protection. You may also be considering your domestic needs. Families with young children or older individuals are highly susceptible to injury, but everyone is a potential fall victim unless you have a nonslip coating to prevent injury. The quality of the tiling and fittings in your home also factor in quite heavily, and you may wish to coat your surfaces if your flooring is worn. The following are statistics about falling collected from data in the US,UK and Canada:

  • 67 per cent of fall fatalities are among people who are 75 or older.
  • Hip fractures are a common problem caused by falling and half of all people over 65 who sustain such a fracture cannot return home and live independently. Because of this, 40 per cent of all nursing home admissions are because of falling.
  • The average workplace slip, trip or fall costs the employer over 22 000 dollars in direct and indirect costs.
  • Falling accounts for 8 million annual hospital emergency room visits.

With proper housekeeping and cleaning, being mindful of hazardous areas and enlisting the assistance of professionals to apply nonslip coatings to prevent injury. This will ensure that your family members and workers are much less likely to slip up.

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