If you have ever wondered about floor safety and why you should keep your floors clean, stick around, and we will teach you why. In this post, we will share three simple tips to help you keep your walking surfaces safe.

According to the National Floor Safety Institute, Over 50% of slip, trip, and fall incidents are caused by problems with the walking surface. So you can see why it is essential to keep your floor surface clean and not slippery. Other than applying Anti-Slip Tape to stairs, ramps, and walkways, there are other slip-prevention products that you can use.

Three common floor cleaning problems that can contribute to unsafe walking surfaces are:

Products that clean your floors and keep floor safety at its highest

It is important to know which type of cleaning products are suited to your floors. More often than not, people use the wrong products but for the right reasons. Because a floor is hard-wearing and durable, it doesn’t mean that you can use an old cleaning product. Be sure to read the recommended cleaning instructions provided with your floor. Alternatively, contact a floor safety specialist to discuss your floor type. Remember, if you want the best floor safety, keep your floors clean.

Cleaning method

Sometimes, cleaning your floor is such a task that it is difficult to get enthusiastic about it. Unfortunately, if you don’t keep your floors clean, your floor safety will disappear. We recommend that you always sweep or vacuum loose dirt and grime away before doing anything else. Once there are no loose particles on the floor, prepare the cleaning product for your floor type. A secret tip is to always make the water as hot as possible, this activates your cleaning product for maximum effect. Mop the floors cleaner onto the floor in small areas. It is best to rinse the mop regularly so that you don’t spread the oil and grease throughout the floor.

Frequency for cleaning

More is always better, but sometimes it’s not always achievable.  Be realistic when you clean your floors to ensure that you maintain high levels of floor safety. Floors get dirty all the time, without even knowing it. Rather clean your floors every 3-4 days if there are no spills. If you have a spill, try and clean it up as soon as possible. With only wiping a spill up, you risk the liquid that was spilled, contaminating the rest of the floor.

If you don’t feel comfortable speaking to one of our trained professionals about how to clean your floors so that you can maintain floor safety, have a look at our YouTube Channel

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