Many things should affect our mood, and slippery floors are not one of them. Far too often, we take things like walking done stairs for granted until it is too late. It only takes one step on a slippery floor to ruin your day. This article will teach you how to avoid ruining your mood with a slippery floor.

Slippery Floor Problems?

Unfortunately, slippery floors are everywhere, but they are very well hidden. You will not know the floor is slippery until its too late. When walking on stairs, our center of gravity is changed and this causes us to lose balance very quickly. The sad part about slippery stairs is that they are on a declined surface so there’s no way to avoid tumbling. When we get injured on slippery stairs, we should be blaming gravity, not the slippery floor.

How do slip and fall accidents happen

Almost every single floor poses a safety risk. Floors are made from different materials and specified based on the environment that they are installed in. Unfortunately, the intended purpose of a building can change from time to time and the flooring isnt changed accordingly. If a floor is designed for a low traffic environment and it changes to a high-traffic environment, the floor needs to change accordingly. Its very easy to go from a non-slip floor to a slippery floor in this case.

Slip No More has a range of non-slip treatments and anti-slip coatings that are developed to solve the problem of slippery floors. No matter what type of floor you have, there’s no doubt that a Slip No More product will work for you. When deciding on which type of non-slip flooring product to use, there are a few steps that need to be taken.

  • Establish the type of slippery floor you have
  • Ask the technical team at Slip No More for their recommendation
  • Purchase the non-slip flooring product Online or from Amazon
  • Follow the instructions and apply the product
  • Enjoy your better mood knowing that you have safer floors

Our friendly team of technical advisors are only a message away. Please Contact Us for any floor safety advice or recommendations. We have more than 15 years of experience in more than 20 countries. Our philosophy is to provide the best quality products at competitive prices. No matter where you are situated, we have you covered.