When cleaning your anti-slip floors, a lot of thought needs to be given to which products have been installed. For some projects, less aggressive slip resistance is needed with a greater focus on its cleanability. The more aggressive the slip resistance of the floor, the harder it will be to clean. This is due to the aggregate that is broadcast onto the coating of an aggressive slip-resistant component being larger and more angular.

The more angular the profile of the floor surface, the more difficult it can be to clean. Challenges arise when a more aggressive slip resistance such as R12 is needed – cleaning equipment such as a mop will be torn to shreds in this instance.

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On our YouTube channel, you can find informative training videos on how to install anti-slip tape, non-slip coatings, and anti-slip treatments. It might be worthwhile learning how products are installed so that you can understand what is involved in cleaning your anti-slip floors.. Want to know about how to avoid slips and falls in 3 easy steps? Click here