Non-skid tape for your wooden stairs is great for preventing slips and falls in the home. They’re also helpful when walking on uneven surfaces, such as wood floors and wooden stairs.

The best non-skid tape for your wooden stairs depends on how often you use them.

If you walk up and down your stairs frequently, then you’ll need a non-skid tread with a higher coefficient of friction (COF). A COF of 0.5 or greater will help prevent slipping.
If you rarely go upstairs, then you might not need a high COF. In this case, you should choose a non-skid option with a lower COF.

Look at the non-skid tape available from different manufacturers.

There are two main types of non-skid tape options: rubber and plastic. Rubber has a higher COF than plastic, so it’s better for people who walk up and down stairs often. However, rubber tends to wear out quickly, so it’s not recommended for use on stairs that aren’t used regularly. Plastic is more durable than rubber, so it’s better suited for stairs that are only used occasionally.

Choose a tape with good traction.

To choose the best non-skid tape for your wooden stairs, consider how frequently you’ll be walking up and down them. If you’re going to be using them every day, then you should go with rubber. If you are only using them once or twice a week, then plastic might work just fine. Here is a great place to find non-skid tape at reasonable prices.

Test out the tapes before installing them

Before you install any new non-skid tapes, test them out first. This will help ensure that they fit properly and won’t slip when you walk on them. Always make sure you understand the installation procedure. We have loads of training videos on how to apply the best non-skid tape for your wooden stairs on our YouTube channel. We also have coatings for all types of floors.