Anti-Slip Treatment for Tiles

The Complete Anti-Slip Solution

  • Up to 100 Sq ft of coverage
  • Comes in an easy, ready to use format
  • Great for indoor & outdoor use
  • Treatment lasts for up to 3 years

Ideal for All Surfaces

This makes it the perfect option to be used both indoors and outdoors, on bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, patio, doorways, showers and these and much more!

Anti-Slip DIY Kit - Ideal for All Surfaces

Including Indoors & Outdoors

Anti-Slip DIY Kit - Ideal for All Surfaces including Outdoors

Easy Application

The Complete Anti-Slip DIY KIT – Only $57

Outdoor pool and patio showing long-lasting coverage

This powerful Slip No More tile treatment will allow you to clean your floors & turn them into a perfect non-slip environment for up to 3 years.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Applies easily and quickly, offers slip protection on wet tile

These bottles arrive well-packaged with separate screw tight lids, and with seals under each lid. The included spray nozzles attach easily to the bottles. The only instructions are what is shown on the bottle labels. The products do not have a strong scent. The cleaner smells a lot like household window cleaner.

The result is that the treated left half of the tile surface looks the same as the untreated, and feels the same when dry. But when a puddle of water is added to the tile surface it clearly has a reduce slip surface compared to the untreated right half of the tile. I also tried stepping on the tile with socks on to see if there is any additional slip prevention when a socked foot steps on the dry tile compared to the untreated tile but was unable to detect a significant difference. So in my testing, the benefit this product provides is to prevent slipping on a wet surface.

Midwestern Review, 5 out 5 Stars

The Complete Anti-Slip DIY KIT – Only $57

Impressive results on shower floor!

This is amazing stuff! The application was easy and much quicker than I expected. Read all the instructions and the job was done in 30 minutes. It made our dangerously slippery shower floor much safer and we’re delighted! I highly recommend this for any slippery tile surfaces. It did not change the looks of the tile at all, but it’s now safe to walk on in!

Angel M., 5 out of 5 Stars

Works as advertised

Works well. Used it on an enameled Kohler iron bathtub. Makes the bottom less slippery even with soap and shampoo going on. Nice products. No weird smells or caustic fumes from either parts 1 or 2. Does not make the surface tacky; just seems to add a layer to the surface that impedes slippery film from happening.
Instructions require full rinse after application, so I’m not so sure how easy that would be on a full tile floor. In a bath or shower, that is easy, or course.

RES, 5 out of 5 Stars