There is no product as versatile as Anti Slip Self-Adhesive Tape. Avoiding slips and falls is imperative as we get older. As our bodies age, it becomes ten times easier to break bones or to injure ourselves badly. Because of this, it is very important that we take precautions to ensure that this doesn’t happen. Now, thanks to the team at Slip No More, you CAN avoid slips and falls with ease. We manufacture a great quality self-adhesive tape that is ideally suited for slippery stairs and a range of other applications. We are also well known for our anti-slip products for porcelain or ceramic tiles.

Slip No More self-adhesive tape can be used on various different applications, including slippery stairs, slippery ramps, boats, playgrounds, gyms and many more. It can be used in the home or in public places and it significantly reduces the slipperiness of a surface, leaving it safe and slip-free! The self-adhesive tape is oh so easy to apply and also provides superb anti-slip capabilities in both wet and dry conditions in order to give a fantastic non-slip finish.

Still not convinced that your home needs anti-slip self-adhesive tape from Slip No More? Did you know that a number of top-class restaurants, shopping malls and stores make use of our amazing self-adhesive tape and products for porcelain tiles? It’s true! Our clients include McDonald’s, Virgin Active, Nando’s, BMW, and Netcare. They trust our products, you should too!

Anti-Slip Self-Adhesive Tape for Porcelain Tiles

In order to keep your porcelain tiles safe for people to walk on without worrying about falling, you need Slip No More! Our Anti-Slip product for porcelain tiles is truly amazing- and affordable, too! The best part is that once you have applied the product to your porcelain tiles, you will not need to apply it again for up to 5 years! For homes, our warranty is 5 years and for commercial places such as restaurants and hospitals, the warranty is 3 years. Either way, when you choose Slip No More for porcelain tiles, you get a product that lasts!

The Slip No More product for porcelain or ceramic tiles works great on all types of surfaces where tiles are present. From bathroom floors and kids’ play areas to shopping malls and golf clubs, this product for porcelain tiles really does work wonders. Now you can avoid those accidents and stop worrying about the rest of your family slipping and hurting themselves as well!

Once applied, our Anti-Slip treatment for Porcelain tiles will not affect the wearing of your floor, the only factor that influences the wearing of the tile is the traffic. We offer different guarantees for different types of tile as well as different environments. One 5-litre bottle of anti-slip treatment for porcelain tiles successfully treats approximately 50m² or 500ft² of tiles.

To learn more about our self-adhesive tape or about our anti-slip treatments for porcelain tiles, be sure to have a look at our YouTube channel!