Project Description

Non-slip Grip Strips are a great way to prevent slip-and-fall accidents in the workplace. As the old saying goes, “prevention is always better than cure”.

We recently visited the Fourways Health Centre. They had a set of particularly slippery stairs. Well, they came to the right place, and they now officially Slip’ No More covered* #SlipNoMore

We sent a Floor Safety Expert to assess the situation. It seemed pretty straightforward. After an obligation-free quote, we were able to offer the best possible solution.

Here Was Our Non-slip Recommendation:

  • When it comes to slippery stairs, we prefer to use our toughest anti-slip product, the Grip Strip. We apply highly durable granules to the edge of each stair. These ‘strips’ offer maximum grip potential. Grip strips are long-lasting and easy to maintain. This slippery floor coating comes in two different levels of grip. Ideal for residential or commercial use.
Non-slip Fourways Health Centre Slip No More
Non-slip Fourways Health Centre Slip No More

We also recommend our DIY Kits for easy non-slip floor safety home applications.

If there is anything you need to know regarding anti-slip treatments & floor safety, then we have a whole list of articles dedicated to the subject.

Non-slip & and slip floor coatings are affordable & world leading flooring solutions for slip prevention and general floor safety – Slip No More strives to deliver only the best anti-slip floors and slip prevention products, applications & solutions – either at home, in the workplace, or for industrial and commercial use.

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