Project Description

Non slip Flooring and Grip Kits Make Hurlingham Office Park a Safer Place to do Business

Slip No More was there to slip-proof the entire office park with non slip coatings and slip prevention adhesive tape. From staircases to office lobbies and reception areas, you can be sure that the Hurlingham Office Park is Slip-No-More-covered! #SlipNoMore

Slip No More was recently contacted by the management team over at the Hurlingham Office Park in Hurlingham Sandton. They explained that they had been experiencing a number of “slippery floor issues” – which is what we at Slip No More are all about.

In the interest of safety, they wanted to know more about what the Slip No More product range could do to help make the floors on their premises safer for visitors, contractors, business owners and their staff. This included information on slip prevention and floor safety applications, which included anti slip coatings, and non slip floor products like treatments grip kits, and adhesive tape.

Anti slip coatings prevent injury and are orientated around improving floor safety. For the best possible non slip flooring solutions Slip No More had to consider that the office park is split up into six different blocks – which means a lot of foot-traffic. Next we also needed to factor in the variety of different floor types and surfaces through the office block – from wooden stairs, to ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Non Slip Flooring Johannesburg
Non Slip Flooring Johannesburg

Here Were Our Non Slip Flooring Recommendations

For inclined walkways and stairs we recommended the popular, and effective Nonslip Grip Kit – which is specially designed to prevent accidents as a result of slippery surfaces (wet or dry).Slip No More Grip Kits cater specifically to stairs, ramps, and unlevelled hills or slopes. The non slip adhesive tape provides a much needed layer of traction improving overall grip – which means no falls, well not from the average accidental slip at least.

  • Next, for frequently busy (and tiled) areas like lobbies, entrances and reception halls we applied our specially formulated Slip No More Anti-slip Coatings (either for ceramics or porcelain tiles). These specially formulated treatments create a durable invisible tread on the surface of the floor that significantly increases the co-efficient of friction. This provides the treated area with a safe and efficient grip which results in higher levels of floor safety.
  • Aside from the usual slips-and-slopes, Hurlingham Office Park also needed to treat some wooden stairs with a nonslip coating.
Non Slip Flooring Johannesburg
Non Slip Flooring Johannesburg

Here’s how we did it: We applied our anti slip coating which is a clear polyurethane coating UV stable that has a traction bead incorporated into it – which increases the slip resistance of wooden surfaces.

If you are also considering an anti slip coating for a wooden surface or any other surface why not read up on nonslip coatings for different types of floors.

In fact if there is anything you need to know regarding non slip floor products and floor safety then we have a whole list of articles dedicated to the subject.

Non slip and anti slip floor coatings are affordable and world leading flooring solutions for slip prevention and general floor safety – Slip No More strives to deliver only the best non slip and slip prevention products, applications and solutions – either at home, in the workplace, or for industrial and commercial use.

Non Slip Flooring Johannesburg
Non Slip Flooring Johannesburg

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