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Anti Slip Floors Versus Anti Slip Diving Boards

By |2020-03-16T10:47:12+02:00Jun 12th, 2019|Special Projects|

We're the first choice for anti slip floors so we decided to challenge ourselves this time. We provided a non slip solution for a school pool's diving board. Anti Slip Floors Slip No More It isn't everyday that we get asked to do something as unique as slip-proofing a diving board. The Brescia

Anti Slip Coatings for Mobile Cold Rooms

By |2020-03-16T10:55:31+02:00Jun 12th, 2019|Special Projects|

We recently did something new & exciting, providing anti slip coatings for large custom-made fridges. Making floor safety happen - even in the cold. Anti Slip Coatings In our continuous quest to make all floors safer we get all kinds of unique requests. This time we were asked to provide anti slip coatings