Anti Slip Floors for Up-coming Residential Complex

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The Chelton Oaks residential complex requested a treatment for anti slip floors. Being industry leaders we ensured they got the most bang for their buck. Anti Slip Floors Slip No More We were recently contacted by the management team over at the Chelton Oaks complex in Orange Grove Gauteng. Being a residential property they wanted

Anti Slip Floors for Modern Suburban House

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A home should be both beautiful & safe. We visited this Johannesburg home to see what anti slip floors best suited their needs. Anti Slip Floors Slip No More We love making the world a safer place for all. That's why when we visited this Johannesburg residence we didn't settle for anything less

Anti Slip Floors Keeps This Patio Safe

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Anti slip floors are very important. Be it at home, work or school, you can never be too safe. Here's how we made this home a slip-free zone. Anti Slip Floors Slip No More We love making the world a safer place. We visited another Johannesburg home to see how we could slip-proof

Anti Slip Treatment for Stylish Johannesburg Home

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Home is where the heart is. It's where we put our feet up & relax. Having an effective anti slip treatment can keep your home beautiful & safe. Anti Slip Treatment It is common for slip & fall accidents to happen at home. That's why we always recommend treating your floors before accidents

Anti Slip Treatment for This Interior & Exterior Floor

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For this residence we got to treat a floor that was both inside & out. Our speciality anti slip treatment ensures maximum slip protection inside or outside, wet or dry. Anti Slip Treatment We visited this lovely Johannesburg home to see how we could help make it a safer place for all. We're

Non Slip Coatings for New Home

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Non Slip Coatings are a great way to make your home a safer place, while also adding retail value to your property. It's a real win-win situation. Non Slip Coatings Building or renovating a home is always an opportunity to turn something great, into something even better. We were contacted to see what

Non-slip Coatings Protecting Contemporary Home

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Everybody deserves a home that is both beautiful & safe. Thanks to our industry leading non-slip coatings your home can be exactly that. Non-slip A house is more than four walls, it is a home. It's where we & our family spend a considerable amount of our time. So it makes perfect sense to

Non-slip Treatments Help Keep A Residential Complex Slip-free

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Non-slip products are essential to any floor safety policy. Not only do they add value to a residential property, but they also help prevent accidents. Non-slip Tiles Slip No More At Slip No More we're all about floor safety. That's why when Eagle's Nest in Northcliff said they need a non-slip solution we knew exactly

Non-slip Treatments for This Modern Home’s Patio

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They say "home is where the heart is" and safety is always a priority. Non-slip treatments are a great way to prevent accidental slips and falls. Non-slip Patio Slip No More We all know how slippery tiles can be, especially when they're wet. We visited a Johannesburg home that was experiencing that exact

Anti Slip Treatments For This Designer Home

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  When it comes to anti slip treatments & non slip coatings we’re the industry leader. See how we helped make this designer home a slip free zone. We all deserve to live in a secure and safe environment. Slip No More visited this lovely Johannesburg home to see how we could make their floors […]

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