In order to effectively prevent potentially calamitous accidents from happening a company should be skilled in the art of identifying common causes as well as having the necessary equipment to prevent common occurrences. Well with our Anti slip coating  Slip No More has indubitably proven its worth in the industry. We specialize in products that safeguard the wellbeing of all in situations where “slips” are common or likely to occur. Yes, at first glance our business may seem like a “niche market” endeavor but the truth is these “slips” and slip related injuries and fatalities are considerably more common than one would think.

Our products are carefully researched industry leading protects that are guaranteed to endure and remain resilient even on surfaced subject to frequent and harsh use. Our products are not just effective but also extremely versatile and affordable making them a practical, logical investment in the home and working environment. Sometimes as adults we want it all, we want to have children around the house but crave the fine finishes like porcelain tiles that add that aesthetic value to a home. No matter how many times you reprimand the kids, they won’t stop running around the tiled house. Well this is where we step in with our reveredanti slip coating. Our Anti slip coating not only meets but exceeds co-efficient of friction requirements laid out by US and European safety standards. Furthermore, our Anti slip coating can be applied to a plethora of varying surfaces including ceramics, porcelain, marble and even granite.

Anti slip flooring

The sky is the limit with regards to our capabilities but the floor is our true playground. Wouldn’t you like to the freedom and peace of mind afforded to customers of ours who have invested in our respected anti slip flooring treatments? Are you a large company that is dedicated to a safe and productive working environment? Well avoid the possibility of been subject to law suits through failure to recognise a lifesaving product! Whether its slippery stairs, high school gymnasiums, playgrounds, pool paving you name it and we’ll be sure to apply our anti slip flooring products to ensure as much safety as you are likely to get!

Did you know that:

According to WSIB statistics, slips, trips and falls caused almost 20 per cent of all injuries in Ontario in 2003. According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, in Canada, approximately 60,000 workers are injured each year due to slip and fall accidents. This number represents about 15 per cent of the lost-time injuries that were accepted by workers compensation boards or commissions across the country”

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These are very real and very scary statistics. Some of the injuries that could result in common slips will include things such as bad bruises, broken bones, muscular injuries, back injuries, concussion or even worse death. Be the smart customer, invest in our anti slip floor products today for peace of mind and safety!